On behalf of Social Security Organization (SOCSO), Malaysia, we would like to thank you for your participation in the Technical Seminar on Digitalization - New Forms of Work in Kuala Lumpur on the 18th - 20th of February 2020.

    As organizers, we hope that you find the presentations and discussions throughout the different thematic sessions meaningful and enriching - especially in your respective journey to embrace technology for Social Security.

    More importantly, we appreciate the partnerships formed among practitioners from all over the world during the Technical Seminars. The global network would facilitate collaborative solutions against rising challenges faced by Social Security.

    Hopefully, your stay in Kuala Lumpur and journey home was pleasant and enjoyable. We look forward to the next installment in Tunisia!

    Best regards,
    SOCSO secretariat team


The Technical Seminar on Digitalization – New Forms of Work
    The Technical Seminar on Digitalization – New Forms of Work will be jointly organized by the Technical Commission on Contribution Collection and Compliance, the Technical Commission on Insurance against Employment Accidents and Occupational Diseases, and the Special Commission on Prevention of the International Social Security Association. The Conference sessions include occupational risks in the digital economy, Rehabilitation 4.0 and contribution collection for employment injury schemes.

    A thematic session will be dedicated to Vision Zero in the Digital Age. Vision Zero was developed by the ISSA and represents a transformational approach to develop a world of work based on safety, health and well-being.

Wuhan 2019 n-CoV in Malaysia
    As in many other countries in the world, Malaysia is also affected by the Wuhan 2019 n-CoV virus that is spreading worldwide. The Ministry of Health of Malaysia reported 17 confirmed cases in the country so far. These had been close or direct contacts to the disease in Wuhan. There has not been a sustained human to human transmission in the country yet. (source: Minstry of Health, Malaysia).

    There is no travel restriction imposed, however visitors will be scanned by health authorities using thermal scanner at the airports. All visitors are advised to practice strict hygiene including cough etiquette, frequent handwash, use of mask or hand sanitizers. Extra precautions are applied for travelers who came through mainland China.

    You will find that all activities in Kuala Lumpur including businesses, work and leisure resumes as usual. We hope you will have a safe journey travelling to and from KL, and would enjoy your time at the ISSA Digital Seminar 2020.

    (update: 11 Feb 2020)

For more details regarding ISSA TECHNICAL SEMINAR ON DIGITALIZATION day, please call +603-4264 5000 ext 7095
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